Friday, July 9, 2010

More places to find TMiH!

So This Moment in Hardcore is expanding the ways that our fans can find us. We started out with a MySpace page and a Facebook page, now you can find us on Twitter and directly on iTunes.

If you go to our iTunes page and subscribe, as soon as there is a new TMiH episode, it will download automatically and for free. All of our podcasts are free and it's easier to go to our page directly than through the main site. Plus, you can go on to the iTunes page and leave comments and write reviews and leave ratings to let us know how we're doing.

We love to hear from you guys so that we can totally know what bands you're looking to hear and have reviewed so check us out at any of our locations!

Upcoming Events

Okay, so next week TMiH is heading to South Carolina's Myrtle Beach for a show! We are going to be at The House of Blues on Wednesday, July 14th. For details on the show, click HERE.

As of this posting, we have an interview with War of Ages but we're hoping to get an interview with As I Lay Dying. The chances are not very high; but we do have a possible connection. We'd also like to see if we can get interviews with other bands featured on the Cool Tour 2010.

When the interviews are on iTunes, we'll post a link here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Introduction...

This is a podcast where we review the latest in hardcore, metalcore, and screamo bands. If you have any bands that you want us to review please let us know and we will do it in a heartbeat! Leave as many comments as you want and tell all of your friends about TMiH or else we'll Mosh all over your face!

But seriously, "This Moment in Hardcore" or TMiH is the brain child of Nick and Matt whose main goal right now is world domination on the hardcore scene! Recently back from Cornerstone, we have a huge lineup of interviews and reviews of many of the bands that performed.

You can find us on MySpace, Facebook, our podcast archive, as well as here on Blogger.